3 Ways to Avoid a Clogged Garbage Disposal

Top-rated plumbers near you provide 24-hour clogged garbage disposal service in Las Vegas, NVThe kitchen and the bathroom are the two rooms in the house that experience the most traffic throughout the day. With so much usage, it’s no wonder that these two areas of the house experience clogged drains from time to time. At Las Vegas ASAP Plumbers, we get calls from frustrated homeowners on a daily basis requesting emergency drain service for clogged sinks, specifically a clogged garbage disposal.

While we’re always happy to provide you with superior drain cleaning and rooter service, we know it’s best to avoid these situations all together. Here are three ways that you can avoid a clogged garbage disposal.

Sharpen the Blades

Disposals with dull blades can’t chop up food scraps very well. This can lead to small particles of food becoming trapped between the blades making it difficult for the disposal to turn. ¬†You can sharpen the blades very easily by putting ice cubes in the disposal and running it for about 30 seconds. Do this once a week and your disposal’s blade will always be in tip-top shape.

Feed the Garbage Disposal Slowly

We know it’s preferable to get in and out of the kitchen. You have better things to do, right? Well, before you shove all those food scraps into the disposal all at once take a moment to think. Do you really want to have to call a 24 hour plumber in Las Vegas to unclog the garbage disposal? We didn’t think so. Put small amounts of food in the disposal at a time. Let the disposal chop up the food completely before you add more food.

Never Pour Grease or Fat into the Disposal

These substances harden when they cool. Even just a tiny bit can create a clog that can obstruct the flow of water. Use a glass jar to dispose of grease and drippings from cooking.

It’s important to follow these guidelines so that you get longer use out of your disposal. Garbage disposals are overly expensive and they won’t last forever, but you don’t want to replace your disposal every year. A clogged garbage disposal can make the unit’s motor work overtime and burn out.

If you’ve followed all these suggestions and still need a plumber to help you fix your garbage disposal, give us a call for affordable clogged garbage disposal service in Las Vegas.

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